Warrior BBQ Ribs Championship

Nov. 11-12 (Veterans Day weekend)

at Kapi’olani Regional Park

$10,000 Winnings


Aloha! “WBBQ” is the first-ever KCBS sanctioned barbecue competition in the State of Hawai’i.



JOIN US! … as a Team, Judge, Vendor, Musician, Sponsor… or…. “ye general public” and Ohana as our GUESTS … and especially, come all ye VETERANS (et al) to partake in special honors. CHECK-IN below to receive simple updates and brief blog discussions on this unique event.

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General Inquiries: ilovebbq@pacifichouseofmission.com

To Volunteer: https://volunteersignup.org/RWCCT 

Competition Teams Register Here: Apply Here

To become a KCBS certified judge, register for our Oct.1 pre-event here: Apply Here

To judge the contest (KCBS-certified judges only), register for each round here:   

  • Apply Here (to judge event Round#1 on the eve of Nov.11)
  • Apply Here (to judge event Round#2 the afternoon of Nov.12)
  • Apply Here (to judge event Round#3 the afternoon of Nov.12)


Warrior BBQ is a KCBS sanctioned event

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