Our Mission

“Go to where military teenagers are. Find out why they are famous. And behold with them the Christ."

Our Vision

"a New Humanity — a new kind of people — arising from among the youths of our warfighting families in the Pacific: disciples who know and evidence Jesus Christ, who bond people’s beautiful diversities together in love, and who are sent out for His fame."

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our convictions


The One God

There is one God existent in three Persons-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-Who created everything, Who is utterly good, and Who thankfully holds everything into account..



From God’s creation people are made wonderfully in God's image, and from mankind’s beginnings people are also sinful.


Christ to the Full

Jesus Christ—in His death, resurrection, and reign—is the only Name under heaven Who fulfills the penalty for human sins, overcomes the powers of death, and brings us to God.


Call of God

God’s call upon us is to entrust ourselves genuinely to Jesus Christ against every other ambition—to all He is, to all His work, and with the whole of our being and works.


Salvation at Work

The traditional mysteries of God’s peopling Church, inerrant Scripture, and the Holy Spirit are charitably given for the “working out” of our salvation in Christ.


Missional Lives

Our nation’s military youths are forefront within the hearts that God has shaped in us, and their well being is fantastically rolled into ours.