Studies meet weekly.  We have small group dialectics on Scripture going through different series to gain Biblical literacy.  Currently, we are going through The Law, which covers the first 5 books of the Old Testement.

GO Time

Basketball, Sock Wars (Capture the Flag), and Ultimate Frisbee.  We meet on the playing fields of the military installations to go to where the youth are. They meet friends, volunteers and leaders. We all have fun getting to know each other and playing together.


Quarterly get-togethers for Island Adventures and other Island Focused occasions. We live on a beautiful island in the Pacific.  What better way to get out and explore where you live, than to do it with friends.

Young Adult Fellowship

A meal, a conversation on scripture, and hang-out time for young soldiers in homes that happen weekly with events that happen every four-day weekend.

What is “Pacific Club”?

In Hawai’i today there are over 7000 military teenagers living thousands of miles away from where they last called home. Even since the Mission’s founding, the generations have exhibited some interesting changes, and the people of PHM see how God has been fitting the Mission, in her distinctives, to bring increasingly effective ministry for all those students here.